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The Key to Healthier Hair

Healthier Hair Means a Happier You 

Healthy hair allows us to feel more beautiful and confident. Our hair is one of the first things people see and it plays aimportant role in how we’re perceived. So, when we’re having a bad hair day, it can even affect our mood. Fortunately, even some of the simplest changes to your hair care routine can help you take control of how you look and feel.  

Get to Know Your Hair 

While many people put lots of time and attention into exploring new styles and hair techniques, hair maintenance can sometimes be forgotten, even though it’s just as important to the overall look of your hair. Luckily, taking care of your hair may be easier than you think.  

First, take the time to get to know your hair. Everyone’s hair is unique. Qualities like thickness and oiliness differ from person to person, and these qualities can be dependent on things like the environment and the season. This means thano single product is perfect for everyone’s hair. Experiment with different products to determine which ones work best for you in which climates (e.g. humid, cold/dry)A trusted stylist can also provide valuable advice for finding the products that are right for your hair.  

Healthy Living = Healthy Hair 

While genetics has a lot do with the state of your hair, there are many things you can do to be proactive about your hair health. Diet and exercise can also influence how your hair looks and feels. 

It’s common knowledge that drinking plenty of water is important for hydrated, healthy skin – the same is true for hair. Staying hydrated may keep hair from becoming dull and dry and help maintain a healthy shine. well-rounded diet can also promote hair health. Eating plenty of vegetables, nuts and protein provides your body with the nutrients necessary to support healthy hair. Supplements like collagen and omega fatty acids may also help provide your hair with necessary nutrients.  

Organic Hair Care Products 

Washing your hair regularly and using the right shampoo and conditioner are important when trying to achieve healthy hair. When washing your hair, remember to massage your scalp for at least two minutes to help remove dead skin cell buildup and increase blood flow to your roots. Improved circulation can help stimulate hair follicles, which promotes hair growth.  

At Aubrey, we offer a full line of hair care products that feature nature-inspired formulas. We ditch the harsh additives whenever possible for products that are gentle on your hair and scalp. For oily hair, try Aubrey Tea Tree & Primrose Shampoo. Organic tea tree oil works to calm the scalp while organic blue green algae helps nourish and maintain hair fibers. For those with dry hair and scalp, the Aubrey Honeysuckle Rose Shampoo and Honeysuckle Rose Conditioner are formulated with organic Rosa Mosqueta® rose hip seed and argan oils to help moisturize and replenish nutrients.  

The goal of each one of our haircare products is designed to bring out your healthiest, most beautiful hair. For more products that are mostly vegan, gluten-free and cruelty-free, shop at