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Collagen - 12.7oz


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Collagen protein powder may help support radiant skin, vibrant hair and nails, strong bones and more.
When glowing skin and vibrant hair are on your wish list, supplementation with Aubrey Collagen is a must!

The body’s all-important connective tissue, collagen makes up 70% of your skin and is found in your bones, muscles, nails and more. But as we age, it becomes less abundant in the body. High in amino acids, Aubrey Collagen Peptides offers type I and III collagen, designed to support healthier, firmer-looking skin, stronger hair and nails, bone and joint health and more. Our ready-to-use Collagen is hydrolyzed to help break it down into smaller peptides, which may help the body more easily absorb and utilize this vital protein.

Our unflavored powder mixes easily into your favorite smoothies, juices or recipes. Perfect for keto or Paleo diets, Collagen may also help support healthy weight management by keeping you feeling fuller longer.

Always committed to quality and purity, Aubrey Collagen is non-GMO, gluten-free and soy-free, so you know you’re getting the best product.