The Aubrey Assurance

No Bad Stuff. That’s a Promise.

We believe that certain ingredients and practices have no place in beauty. You’ll never find these things in our products, or the making of them.

Our sulfate-free cleansers make sure the natural oils on the scalp stick around to maintain moisture and keep hair looking and feeling beautiful.

No sulfates.

Because these can put the liver, kidneys, lungs, and reproductive system
at risk.

No phthalates.

Because parabens are known to disrupt hormone functions, an effect linked to increased risk of breast cancer and reproductive toxicity. 

No parabens.

No potential for irritation and side effects.

No artificial colors or fragrances.

Silicone seals hair against water and even air — giving the illusion of shine, but not a healthy, natural shine. Some companies use plastic polymers as a quick frizz fix, but they can cause hair and skin to suffer over time.

No silicone or plastic polymers.

We never test on animals, so there are no potentially harmful side effects for our furry friends.

Always Cruelty Free.

Gluten has been found to be a cause of autoimmune hair loss and scalp irritation, so we keep it out.

Always Gluten-free.

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