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Blue Chamomile Shampoo - 11oz

Blue Chamomile Shampoo

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Soften and add shine to dull or dehydrated hair with our botanical shampoo packed with 75% organic ingredients.
Hydrate and Smooth!

Want to tame flyaways and flaunt extra shine?

Enriched with 75% organic botanical ingredients, Aubrey Blue Chamomile Shampoo cleanses while lightly conditioning dull, dehydrated, or brittle hair. Our moisture-intensive, sulfate-free shampoo base will leave your hair softer, shinier and well-nourished. Organic Moroccan blue chamomile oil soothes the scalp while hydrating and enhancing shine. Organic Moroccan argan oil nourishes with essential fatty acids and vitamin E, softening hair texture from the root up. And you’ll love the delicate blue chamomile scent from essential oils!

Specially formulated for normal hair, our Blue Chamomile Shampoo pairs perfectly with Blue Chamomile Conditioner for an extra boost of moisture and shine.

Because we believe in quality without sacrificing purity, our Blue Chamomile Shampoo is made with 75% organic ingredients and is sulfate free, vegan, gluten free, paraben free, phthalate free, and cruelty-free.