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City Rhythms Shave Cream - 6oz

City Rhythms Shave Cream

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Invigorating shave cream rich in organic botanicals for a smooth, close shave and cooled, conditioned skin.
Smooth Shave, Cool Vibe!

Ready to get into your groove with a smooth, cool shave?

Our sulfate-free shave cream is packed with organic botanicals that combine to deliver a clean, comfortable shave without harsh synthetics. Creating a light, gentle lather for super smooth glide and an ultra-close shave, our shave cream contains moisture-rich organic avocado and wheat germ oils to soothe, condition, and protect against razor bumps. Cooling camphor, organic menthol, and eucalyptus refresh and invigorate your skin while essential oils lightly scent your skin with the amazing, masculine aroma of cedar, sandalwood, and bergamot.

Prep your face with our City Rhythms Face Scrub for the ultimate shave experience!

Because we believe in quality without sacrificing purity, our City Rhythms Shave Cream is sulfate free, vegan, paraben free, phthalate free, and cruelty-free.