J.a.y. Conditioner - Citrus Clove


J.a.y. Conditioner - 11oz

About the Product

Nutrient-rich desert herbs fortifystrengthen and revitalize dry, damaged hair to help reduce frizzing and breakage.

Fortify and Revitalize!

Protect weak, damaged or processed hair and give your dull, dry locks a lift!

Three nutrient-packed desert herbs come together in Aubrey’s hardworking J.A.Y. Conditioner. Hydrolyzed keratin smooths the hair shaft and helps fortify weak, damaged areas, while jojoba, aloe and yucca root (J.A.Y.) replenish moisture and nutrients and reduce frizzing and breakage for a softer, smoother finish and a more beautiful shine. Your hair is visibly nealthierstronger, silkier and easier to style. Plus you’ll love the natural, exotic citrus clove scent!

You can always trust Aubrey to deliver quality and performance without sacrificing purity. That’s why our J.A.Y. Conditioner is made with 75% organic ingredients. Plus like most of our products, it’s gluten-free, paraben-free, phthalate-free, and always cruelty free.

For fuller, healthier, more vibrant hair and amazing results, pair this conditioner with our J.A.Y. Shampoo! Your amazing hair will thank you!